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megaDOK Informationsservice


Special Database EXDOK

EXDOK is worldwide the only one special database on explosive materials, blasting technique and pyrotechnics.

The special database EXDOK has been produced in our house since 1976. It contains records with bibliographic abstracts in the field:

- manufacture, properties, testing and storage of explosives, initiating devices, pyrotechnics
- blasting technique and methods such as

in surface and underground engineering
in construction engineering (e. g. demolition, tunnelling and road building)
in agriculture
in underwater use
in medicine

- explosive forming, hardening, welding, compacting cutting and cladding
- industrial safety and environmental protection in connection with the manufacture and use of explosives
- vibration from blasting
- demilitarization/conversion/military burdens
- fight against crime in connection with explosives
- fires and explosions, fire and explosion protection in connection with explosives
- theories of explosion and detonation

The information is gained from the following sources:

- specialized journals
- monographs, books
- patents
- norms and standards
- reports and research reports
- conference papers
- laws, regulations, instructions and rules
- firmsÂ’ publications

The language of the database is German, since 1998 the database is bilingual, i.e. the abstracts are in German and/or English.

File size: 69.500 records

The database is available via Internet: FIZ Technik
If desired, we carry out searches for you. Our vast experiences as the producer of the special database EXDOK guarantee you a particular high quality of searching.

Our document delivery service saves you the usually laborious way of procuring the origal sources. An easy and clear order system enables you to receive copies of the document cited in our search.